How to Warm up Milk for Baby?

Milk has been an integral part of our diet plan ever since humankind have known to live with domestic animals. Especially, it is considered essential for the growth of infants. Milk has 15 essential nutrients highly significant for the healthy growth of the baby. To make it drinkable and easily digestible for infants, it is good to warm it up properly. The questions that instantly pop up in mind are; why do we have to warm up the milk for infants and how to warm up milk properly?


Why to Warm up Milk?

Many times, moms ask us the above-mentioned questions. And we always try to convince moms with the most satisfactory answers. In the first place, moms (especially the new moms) should understand that warm milk is far more soothing and easy to digest. If moms don’t get their babies warm milk, their babies may face the issues like an upset stomach and a chilled body (especially in winter).

Top Four Sources of Milk for Babies

  • Breastfeed
  • Breastmilk expressed in bottle
  • Milk from any domestic animal
  • Artificial or formula milk

Things Moms Should Know!

Babies like breastmilk because its naturally warm. A mother’s body temperature is about 98 degrees Fahrenheit and so does the breastmilk. So, the moms who are breastfeeding, don’t have much toworry about. It’s about those moms who have put their babies on formula milk or any other source of milk (like mentioned above).

Note:The colder the milk, the more likely your baby is at the risk of colic.

How to Warm up Milk?

Babies who are not getting breastmilk should be given warmed up milk to avoid several health-related issues. There are several ways to warm up the milk.

1. Warming up Cow/Whole Milk

Warming up cow milk for babies is comparatively easier than other types of milk.

Warming up on Double Boiler

Use a saucepan of simmering water to get the milk warmed up. Pour the milk in a heatproof bowl or a double boiler. Heat the milk till you find the bubbles all around the bowl along with some steam rising from it. To warm up it evenly and to avoid that film of protein on it, keep stirring it continuously (add sugar while stirring, if you want).

Note:The babies who are fed on cold formula milk, have to spend great energy on warming that milk inside their bodies to make it equal to their natural body temperature.

Heating up on Stove

You can warm up the whole milk directly on the stove. Place the saucepan with milk on top of the stove. The heat should be low to avoid burning of milk. Above all, keep stirring it continuously. As you feel a bit of steam over it, take it off the stove.

Note:Whatever method of warming up you are going to opt, make sure that you check the temperature by pouring a single drop on your wrist.

How to Warm up Milk for Baby


Warming up in Microwave

Though warming up in microwave is not a favoriteway in most of the cases, but when it comes to whole milk, you can warm it up in microwave. 30 seconds in microwave are good enough for a warming effect.

2. Warming up of formula milk

Many times, moms don’t know how to warm up milk that’s formula-based. Formula milk should not be warmed up again and again (never in microwave). Make sure, you have warmed it up at the time of its preparation (not after it). Prepare the milk, pour it in the bottle. Place a bowel of water on the stove and put the bottle in it. Keep checking it to avoid over-heating.

Secondly, simply place the bottle under the tap of hot water to warm it up. Check the temp of milk on your wrist before feeding. Heating up formula milk,again and again may affect its nutrients value. Utilizing the already-prepared formula milk by warming up again and again may increase the chance of bacterial growth in the milk or bottle. So, don’t waste your time in that. If you don’t feel like warming it up, just ensure that it is warm enough to match the room temperature.

Note:Never warm up formula milk in a microwave. It not only affects the nutrients of formula milk, it also warms up the milk in an uneven way. And that may cause burns in baby’s mouth.

How to Warm up Milk for Baby

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3. Bottles with Expressed Breast Milk

Expressing is a popular way of preserving the breastmilk, practiced by many moms. Moms keep it stored and preserved in fridge or freezer.The most common ways of feeding it to the baby is through a bottle, spoon, cup or syringe. But the question is how to warm up milk that is already frozen? There is no other way except warming it up. There arethree different ways of doing that.

  • In the Warm Water: Whatever container you have used to store the expressed milk (bag or bottle), put it in the warm water for about 15 minutes (not more than that). Shake the container well to make sure it’s warmed up evenly.
  • Run it Under the Water: Firstly, get the milk run by cool and then hot water from the tap.
  • Defrost it: Defrost the milk in the fridge for the whole night.
  • Electric Bottle Warmer: Electric bottle warmer is another great way to warm up the expressed milk within 4 to 6 minutes.
  • Don’t Heat!: Breastmilk should never be heated excessively. It may spoil the natural enzymes of the milk.

Note: Once you have fed your baby with expressed breast milk, waste the leftover in the feeder or syringe. It may possibly have the particles of baby’s saliva, that may leave a negative effect on baby’s health.

How to Warm up Milk for Baby

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Warmed (not heated) milk is really good for the infant. But there are points that must be kept in mind. Hope our detailed guide would be helpful enough in guiding you to nourish your baby according to the type of milk he intakes.

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