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What Pediatricians Wish Every New Mom Knew?

Being a new mom is never easy. There are a lot of things that you may encounter and not know how to handle. Taking care of a baby will be new to you and it can become very overwhelming. You can be engulfed by loads of work, worries, and problems, and before you know it, you are overcome by stress. It takes a lot of experience for a parent to be good at child rearing, but of course, as a new mom who doesn’t have this, you need to be knowledgeable enough to keep you from walking in the dark. To help you with your knowledge in taking care of your baby and help you avoid going into panic, here is a list of what pediatricians wish every new mom knew.

Amazing Ways of Decoding Baby’s Cries

It could be overwhelming for a new parent to cope with and understand the meaning of their baby’s cries. However, it is important that we thoroughly understand them since this is the only means that your baby can communicate to you in his/her first few months. It is your baby’s way of telling you that something is wrong or he/she is feeling unwell. Interpreting your baby’s cries is undeniably complicated since there are a lot of cries for a lot of different reasons, however, there is still a way that can make understanding your baby’s cries a little bit easier. All you need is time, patience, and of course, some guidance to figure out what your baby is trying to say. In this article, I have written a few steps on decoding baby’s cries to make your parenting easier. But before we proceed, let us first have a background on babies’ cries.

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Babies

If you were dedicated to having and raising a child, then you probably did your research about newborns and how to take care of one. However, not all pregnancy and parenting books tell you everything about babies. Sure, we have to know about the basics of baby care and parenthood. But do you really know everything about your new bundle of joy? Here’s 10 things you didn’t know about babies, which is quite interesting trivia for all parents.

The Best Tips on How to Ask for Help with Your New Baby

Being a new parent is hard, especially if you are a first-time parent. The early days of parenting comes with a lot of difficulties and challenges; no matter how ready you may think you are with the best baby bottles and all. New parents can be completely overwhelmed with their new baby, both by joy and by the exhaustion that parenting can bring. When it comes to how to ask for help with your new baby, it’s best to know what’s what.

How to Wash Your Newborn Baby?

Washing your newborn baby for the first time can be pretty scary especially when it is your first time. Your baby is so delicate that you will need to apply extra caution and proper care while bathing your baby toavoid bringing any harm to him or her. When you learn and have mastered washing your newborn baby, you will realize that giving your baby a bath has a lot more benefits other than making him/her clean.

How to Baby Proof Doors?

The only negative aspect of having a toddler in your house, is the continuous frustration of parents about his security. It’s your inquisitive toddler who makes you think about the doors and other potentially dangerous items in your house. As a mom, my biggest nightmare was ‘my kid locked in a toilet or his tiny fingers sandwiched in the door’. I opted for all preventive measures possible to protect my tot. Writing this blog is purely based on my intention to help other parents. There are a number of products that might be helpful in baby proofing the doors (irrespective of their type). Read on to know more about why and how to baby proof doors.

How to Lose Weight While Pregnant?

Carrying a baby for 40 weeks in your womb is not a child’s play. During all this period, the baby depends on mother’s body. It’s the internal system of a mother that nourishes the baby and aids his growth. What if the body is not functioning the way it is supposed, for the well-being of the fetus? Being overweight is the common problem that might hinder the growth of the baby in a mother’s womb. Read on to know about how to lose weight while pregnant.

8 Best Ways to Help Your Congested Infant

No one likes a stuffy nose. A stuffy nose can make it hard to breathe, hard to eat, and sometimes even hard to get any type of work done. However, imagine the difficulties a congested nose can have for an infant, who not only cannot take care of himself, but also has a very small nasal passageway. Therefore, all parents must know the ways to help your congested infant in order to give relief and avoid additional problems.

How to Stop Swaddling?

Swaddling is the term used to describe wrapping your baby snugly in a blanket to prevent him from fussing at night. Since babies are used to feeling snug and secure in the womb, swaddling is a technique to help them feel the same safe and comfortable sensation in the outside world.

However, there comes a time when babies need to stop swaddling. Newborns grow up pretty quickly and are subject to rapid change in habits. One of these habits is swaddling, and as a parent, you should know when and how to stop swaddling your baby at the appropriate time.