How to Plan a Baby Shower and Make the Perfect Event?

Celebrating a baby shower has been a tradition that has gone for centuries. Although the custom differs in time and in different countries, regions or cultures, its main purpose still remains the same; that is, to share the joy of the upcoming parents’ baby arrival and help them prepare in their new life as a family.

Usually, the person who organizes the baby shower is a close friend of the mother-to-be. Sometimes, a family member can also plan the baby shower if the etiquette in their culture permits. Do you have a close friend or a family member that is soon to be a mommy? Do you want to give her a baby shower but are not confident if you can pull one? Are you planning but still not sure on what to do? Here are some easy steps on how to plan a baby shower that will surely help you. But before we proceed let us know the basics on baby showers first.


What is a baby shower?

A baby shower is a celebration where parents-to-be get to spend time with their loved ones and close friends. Usually, guests prepare gifts for the arriving baby, congratulate the parents-to be, offer support wishes for the soon to be parents and arriving baby, and impart advices to the parents-to-be to make them feel that everything will be alright. Traditionally, baby showers are thrown for the first baby, but nowadays, it is not uncommon to throw a baby shower for the second, third, and so on babies.

how to plan a baby shower

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When should you throw a baby shower?

You can throw a baby shower any time after conception, however, most mothers-to-be appreciate it better if their baby shower is celebrated later in pregnancy. At this time, she can be sure that all is going well with her baby and the party can also be a diversion in her much anticipated delivery. Some parents prefer celebrating the baby shower after the delivery of the baby. They find it more fun having the baby at the shower and knowing the baby’s gender.When should you throw a baby shower?

When should you throw a baby shower?

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Who should you invite in a baby shower?

Usually people invited in a baby shower are relatives and close friends of the mother-to-be. To make sure that you don’t invite unwanted guests or leave out an important person, consult the parents-to-be before giving out invitations. If some family members or close friends live far away and won’t be able to make it to the baby shower, you can include them in your program by setting up a time for Skype or FaceTime.

Who should you invite in a baby shower?

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Who pays for the baby shower?

Since a baby shower is considered a present to the mother and father to be, it is common that the one who pays for it is the host or the one who organizes the event. If it is too much for you to handle the budget yourself, you can ask other guests or close friends who are interested to share in the expenses. You can also ask financial help to close family members and relatives. It will be more probable that they will offer a helping hand if it is for their beloved family member’s sake.

What things do you need to prepare in a baby shower?

Food and Drinks

If you are still not familiar on how to plan a baby shower, you may not have much idea on what food and drinks to prepare. It is not necessary to have an extravagant menu for your baby shower since the focus of the shower will be the mother-to-be or parents-to-be and her/their soon-to-arrive baby. Simple and easy to eat food would be enough to satisfy your guest of honor and guests. Just make sure that the food and drinks you prepare match your guest of honor’s taste. Usually, cakes are also prepared.


Giving gifts for the forthcoming baby and the parents-to-be is a very important part of the baby shower. Aside from support wishes and advices this largely helps the soon-to-be parents to prepare for the life with a baby.


It is not a requirement to prepare favors for the guest, however, if you want to add happiness in the baby shower and make the guests feel appreciated, I highly recommend that you prepare favors. It is also a way of thanking your guests for attending the baby shower.


Usually, games are prepared in a baby shower to make the party more entertaining. And of course games always come with prizes. Playing a game is more enjoyable if you are anticipating a prize.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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How to Plan a Baby Shower

Step 1. Know the Budget

The first thing that you should do if you are planning a baby shower is to know your budget because this is where everything in your party will depend. For example, if you have low budget, you should choose a low priced venue or you can ask the guest of honor if you can use their house as the venue. This will largely help in cutting the expenses. Also, you should choose a theme that will not need too much money on decorations or ask the guests if they can lend you some materials. 

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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Step 2. Set a Date and Time

In setting a date and time, ask the expectant parents on what the most convenient time for them is. Make sure that the guests especially the closest ones are available. Usually, any time during the weekends are good since they have no work. You can also set it on a holiday. I recommend that you decide on the date and time of the baby shower at least eight weeks before so that you have more time to prepare. 

Step 3. Know the Baby’s Gender

It is very important that you first ask the mother-to-be on the baby’s gender because the theme of your baby shower and the gifts to be given will depend on it. Include the baby’s gender on the invitation so that all the guests will know about it and they can decide on what gift to prepare. This can also help the parents-to-be to get better and more specific advices. 

Step 4. Choose a Theme

Having a theme helps you to have an idea of what your baby shower will look like. It helps you have a more organized thought and plan the events, food, and drinks in your shower easier. In choosing a theme, consider the parents’, especially the mother-to-be’s interest. You can also ask them if there is a specific theme that they like.

However, also put in mind that the shower should be entertaining to both genders. Examples of baby shower themes are tea party, sports, fairy tale, and many others. If for example your theme would be on animals, you can put animal figures all over the area, use plates and other utensils with animal drawings, and put animal stuffed toys in the party area. 

Step 5. Find a Venue

When choosing a venue, consider the number of guests that will be coming, the amount of space you will need, the budget, and the place that goes best with your theme. If you are planning to use the guest of honor’s house as the venue, consult them first. When you are going to use an outside venue like a restaurant or a reception hall, book it early.

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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Step 6. Plan the Gifts

This is a very important step on how to plan a baby shower since this will greatly help the parents-to-be to prepare for their much anticipated baby. Guests can buy their own gift but usually, they prefer to have a registry to guide them on what they need to buy and to avoid giving the same gifts. It also makes it easier for the guests since they don’t have to go out of their way to find a baby store.

However, some feel that having a registry takes away the charm of the event. When planning on gifts, ask your guests on what they prefer to do. If they prefer to have a registry, ask the parents-to-be first on their wish list.

Also, pick a reasonably priced store and only request for small gifts so that it won’t be too much for your guests. Just remember that you should not insist the registry to all the guests. If you are going to register for gifts, ask the expectant parents for the list of gifts that they desire and consult them if they have a specific shop or shops where they want to register. 

Step 7. Make and Send Invitations

In making the invitations, match the design with the theme of your baby shower. Also, ask the mom-to-be for the wording that you will use in your invitation. Before sending invitations, make sure that you already have a guest list. You should discuss the guest list with the expectant parents first so that you don’t get to leave behind important people and invite unwanted guests.

Also, include the date, time, and place in the invitation. If you plan on using a registry for the gifts, also include the shop or shops that you have chosen. Also, provide directions on how to get to the venue. 

Step 8. Prepare the Prizes

When picking baby shower prizes think of items that will not just get thrown away. Examples are gift certificates, tea cups, potted plants, candles, and dish towels. You can also think of innovative prizes. For example, you can buy miniature wine bottles and fill them with a popular wine. You can also bundle fragrant shampoo, soap, and shower gel using cute ribbons and use them as prize. 

Step 9. Prepare the Favors

When preparing favors for your guests, it is not necessary to spend too much money. Small inexpensive favors would be enough and will be appreciated. Just use your creativity and think of what can make your guests happy. Examples of baby shower favors are coffee and tea, picture frame, customized candy jars, and small potted plants with cute notes. You can also give edible favors. 

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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Step 10. Plan the Games

When preparing baby shower games, consider your guests. Are some guests too sensitive? Are they relatives only? Are there friends and co-workers? Are the guests women only or there are also male guests? If you have both male and female guests, make sure that your games will be enjoyed by both genders. If you have sensitive guests, don’t make games that will make them feel awkward.

You can prepare games that will make your guests moving and games which will need a little bit of thinking. You can have funny games, trivia games, diaper games, animal games, word games, parent prep games, layette games, and many other games that your creativity can reach. In preparing for these games, also prepare all the materials that will be needed. You wouldn’t want to spoil the fun by missing some of the game materials.

Step 11. Plan the Food and Drinks

When planning the food and drinks, you should consider your guest of honor’s preferences. Also, consider the theme of your baby shower and the time of the day you are going to carry out the event. If the baby shower would be during meal time, different recipes of pasta would be nice to fill up your guests’ stomach.

You can also add garlic bread and vegetable salad with that for those who want variations of food. If the baby shower will happen during snack time, finger foods would be nice. An example would be chicken wings cooked with different sauces. Sandwiches like chicken and ham salad sandwich or clubhouse sandwich would also be nice for those who want to fill up. Salads like vegetable salads or fruit salads are also great.

For the drinks, punches or soft drinks can be served. There are actually a lot of foods that you can serve in a baby shower. Just don’t forget to consider the food that your guest of honor can and can’t eat. Also, consider your guests number and make sure that you make more than enough for guests with big appetites. 

How to Plan a Baby Shower

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I hope this article helped you and gave you great ideas on how to plan a baby shower. Although planning a baby shower requires a lot of time and effort, as long as you are organized and you know what you are doing, it will never be hard for you to set up the perfect baby shower for your friend or relative. You might actually find it enjoyable and exciting. Just let your creativity work and don’t forget the essence of the celebration. Have fun planning your baby shower!Did you like this article? If so, please a comment below and share this with your friends. Thank you for reading!

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