A Comprehensive Guide About How to Use Baby Wipes?


When you enter parenthood, you are introduced to several new items. Baby diapers and baby wipes are one of them. Using diapers is important. But for baby’s good health, it is also important to take care of his personal hygiene. Each time you remove the diaper, you must wipe the baby’s butts to keep it safe from skin rashes. The most recommended way to deal with this situation is to wipe away the impurities. Being a mom for the first time, it’s quite possible that you don’t know much about how to use baby wipes. Here is a comprehensive guide to let you know all that you should know as a parent.


Baby wipes are small and wet disposable pieces of cloth or papers. These wipes are made of non-woven fabrics. The manufacturers claim to have it saturated in some gentle cleansing solution. (that must be checked on the ingredients printed on the pack). Do you want to avoid any allergic reaction on your baby’s skin? It is recommended to opt for wipes that are free of any harmful ingredients. There are some, especially designed to cleanse the sensitive skin of the infant.

How to Use Baby Wipes

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Are Baby Wipes Suitable for New Born?

What pediatricians recommend is to not to use baby wipes on a newly born baby. The ingredients in it may be harmful for such a sensitive skin. These wipes should be used about a month later after the birth. For new born babies, the most recommended way is to wash the sensitive area. The best is to go with mildly warm water and a harmless baby soap. Secondly, you can use cotton balls or ultra-soft cloth, dipped in warm water to clean the baby.

What you should know about Baby Wipes?

Don't just worry about how to use baby wipes in the best possible way. It is recommended to pick the wipes of the best-reputed brand. Read the ingredients. Look for instructions and any possible precautionary measures. Whatever type of baby wipes you are opting to use, these can cause allergic skin reaction. If they are not used properly. The first sign of a rash or irritation on the skin can be the redness of bums. To avoid such painful condition for your baby, pat dry his skin each time you change his diaper. (Never rub the soft and gentle skin of the baby). Using diaper on a wet skin may cause skin rash.

Secondly, make sure that the baby wipes you are going to use, are scent free and alcohol free. It’s a good way to lessen the risk of skin irritation. If you find any redness on your baby’s bums, apply some ointment. Find one, especially made for baby’s skin rashes. If it does not work, talk to your pediatrician immediately, for further help.

How to Use Baby Wipes

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Types of Baby Wipes

There are two types of wipes;

  • Disposable wipes
  • Reusable Cloth wipes

Disposable Wipes

Disposable wipes are easy to use. You have to get these out of the bucket and wipe away the impurities each time you change the diaper. Try to avoid a forceful rubbing of these wipes to avoid any skin reaction. Wipe them and simply dispose of.

Reusable Cloth Wipes

There are moms who consider cloth wipes a better option but don’t know how to use baby wipes. These are not only easy to use but their reusability makes it long lasting and affordable option. All you need to have is a bowl with cleaning solution. Dip the wipes and use it. you have used it once, wash it well for the next time use. Store all the clean baby wipes in a wipe warmer.

How to keep Baby Wipes Warm?

Keeping your baby’s wipes warm is also important. Especially in the spine-chilling weather outside. Sometimes, wipes get cold, when left in the room temperature. And as you connect it with the warming skin of your baby, the baby gets irritated. Many moms do not bother about warming the wipes. To them, it’s not a big deal. They simply keep the wipes in their hands for a few seconds. And that’s their way to warm them. Keeping the wipes warm in cold weather is good for your baby. (If your home temperature is normal, you don’t need to do that). Here are the most recommended ways of keeping these wipes warm.

Electric Wipe Warmer

Electric warmers are getting quite trendy these days. But these warmers come with the risks of possible fire hazards. For that you must look for the most recommended names and brands. For further satisfaction, you can contact the manufacturers. Websites and contacts are mentioned on the products normally. It's good to inquire your queries there.

How to Use Baby Wipes

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Many parents get worried about the storing of bacteria in the wipe warmers. That can be a possibility. But the best wiper warmers come with anti-microbial additive. That would not let the bacteria to store therein.

How a Wipe Warmer Works?

Parents who really want to know about how to keep baby wipes warm, must know how an electric warmer works.

  • A wipe warmer that we normally get from a store is just like a simple container. It has a top flap that is opened to get the wipes. That lid should be closed to keep your wipes from getting dry. It normally has a sponge-like pillow inside it. This sponge contains water to keep the wipes moisturized.
  • Some advanced wipe warmers come with misters. It's a technique that sprays the wipes itself for keeping the moist.
  • The heating element lies deep inside the container. It sends hot air upwards where the wipes are kept.
  • All you need to do is to place the wipes inside and plug in the switch. Wait for a few minutes, until the wipes get warm.

Note: Be careful. Never let the wipes over heated. This could be really dangerous.


It is important to learn about how to use baby wipes. If you don’t know the right way to do that, it could result in harmful conditions for your baby’s skin. Pick the best wipes and follow all the instructions given above. And above all, if you live in some cold area, you must learn the techniques about how to keep baby wipes warm. I hope, this guide would be great help for you.

Happy Parenting!

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